Coffee Swirl Scrub Exfoliation Bar

Coffee Swirl Scrub Exfoliation Bar

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Warm, delightful coffee is waiting for you— in the shower! Our coffee scrub bar is made with the finest coffee ground all the way from Hawaii!

Use this before shaving to get a closer shave, wash away dead & dried skin with ease!


Ingredients *always organics*
Saponified oils (extra virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, raw Shea butter, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil), freshly ground coffee beans. 


Proper Care For Cold Process Soaps:

-It is best to allow these soaps to dry out in between using.

-Invest in a wooden soap dish, a good soap dish should allow air to flow freely. You don't want water collecting in the soap dish.

-Email us with any questions you might have!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Robinson
I Love every soap

I have never purchased a single soap I haven’t absolutely loved. Smells amazing, and my skin feels so clean and smooth after using. Highly recommend

Hannah Lanctot
Love it!

Keeps my skin fresh feeling and very soft! Can’t go wrong using this exfoliating soap!! Plus the smell is amazing!!

Courtney Uhrig

What days wake up and be happy more then coffee in your soap! The exfoliant qualities to this bar are spot on, scent is amazing and the new, soft skin it leaves behind, is non comparable! I just talked myself into another bar just like that :)

Ashley McKeever
Love. It.

I love this scrub! The smell is 👌🏻 and it makes my skin feel so smooth!


This soap will make your skin 100% ready for tanning or shaving . It’s very gentle yet does an amazing job exfoliating your skin.