Hand Poured Coconut - Soy Wax Candles

Hand Poured Coconut - Soy Wax Candles

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Our beautiful, clean burning candles are just what you need to add to your home to make it all warm and cozy! HBC Organics is one of the few companies using an organic coconut wax for their candles & organic cotton wicks.

Here are some reasons we love coconut wax! 

* Beautiful Color - from bright white to creamy and opaque

* Odorless - does not smell like coconuts

* Has a superior scent throw (both cold and hot)

* It burns longer and cleaner

* No additives are required


Scent Description:


Amber & Rose: Imagine walking through a  garden of roses will surely make you smile and inspired this lovely aroma of roses in bloom surrounded by sweet angelica and white gardenia, supported by golden amber and earthy patchouli.


Blood Orange & Thyme: Juicy blood oranges, along with an unexpected twist of thyme, are infused with notes of spicy black pepper and clove for a fresh take on a classic citrus spice. 


Citrus & Basil: Very clean and fresh. Pungent citrus meets humble basil in this clean and fresh scent! 

Connor's Birthday Cake: the classic smell of our founder's late brother's favorite birthday cake: 7up cake. Straight Up Patchouli: This candle is an earthy dark patchouli, the scent gets stronger as the candle burns. 

 Herbalist's Garden: imagine all the herbs and flowers freshly mixed together

Summer Kisses: An escape for your senses with aromas of lemongrass blended with star anise, sunkissed turmeric, white musk and Australian sandalwood.


Sorry I was a you know what: smells like fresh toasted coconut

Bay Rum: Booze on the beach

Cigar Lounge: Smooth vetiver mixes well with bourbon vanilla and patchouli for this robust yet sweet scent. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Suzette Frederick
Husband Approved

I love the candle that I received. Looking forward to my next months surprise order.

Best Candles EVER

These candles burn beautifully and smell amazing!! Nobody can top these and that’s all I can really say! I can’t wait to try all of them!

Chantelle Scott

Hand Poured Coconut Wax Candles

Misti Hall
Smells amazing

The pumpkin marshmallow smells so good. Warm and welcoming scent. These candles are long burning and last longer and burns cleaner than other candles

Alison Ross

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the fact I can still enjoy amazing smelling candles without all the added hormone disrupting artificial fragrances and toxins! Dupes for Yankee Candles. Will forever be a lifelong customer!