Connor & LV Candle Collection

Connor & LV Candle Collection

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These beautiful candles are made in honor & memory of my brother and one for his sweet little girl. 

This comes with 4 different scents, 4 different candles and they are sold as a set only. These are 10 ounce, wood wick candles. 


~Connor's Birthday Cake: Smells like 7 up cake. His mom used to make it for his birthday and for both of us growing up. It was a favorite. 

~ LV:  Vanilla baked cookies and summer dried herbs creamed together with a touch of neroli and blue chamomile.

~Booze Cruise: a blend of bourbon vanilla, spruce, and kinda reminds me of an air freshener. 

~Loving You Is The Best Kinda Love: a very emotional blend. This was on of the last things my brother said to me "Ya know what Jes? Loving you is the best kinda love..." This is a blend of 5 different roses, peony, palo santo, and cannabis. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashley Marrufo
Love the Smells!!!

I love the unique smells of each candle and there so pretty and shiny

T McDaniel
Amazing scent and quality!

These candles are amazing. They all smell so good!! They are in beautiful vessels and they burn for a really long time. I burn one everyday and have a hard time deciding which one to burn because they all smell so good!! I also love the fact that this collection was created for your brother and his daughter!

Carol R

These all have such unique beautiful scents that smell amazing. Makes me not want to burn them but I will, once I finish inhaling their awesome aroma lol

Gina Hoyle
They Smell Soo Good!!

First off I have to say the vessels these candles are in are beautiful. I love every scent and wish that I had bought another set. Simply Amazing. What a wonderful way to celebrate your brother and his daughter.

Good variety of scents

I think the best one is the loving you is the best love.
I can smell the 7 up
I like the booze cruise.