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Butt Butter

Butt Butter

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This is an amazing new product that is specifically designed to heal those pesky rashes that babies get from wearing cloth diapers or having reactions to disposable. This formula is very thick & will last a very long time. 

Simply put a little on the rash & watch it disappear!


It is made water resistant, so it allows the rash or irritation to heal without the .. ahem... "poo & pee" to hinder the healing process! 

ingredients:*all organic*
Extra virgin olive oil (infused in sage, calendula, plantain, lavender, and spearmint), fair trade cocoa butter, unrefined avocado oil, unrefined coconut oil, castor oil, sustainably sourced beeswax, non nano zinc oxide (uncoated)

**If you won't be using this for a long time, please refrigerate it or keep it in a cool, dry place.

***The consistency of this product can change based on the time of year. Sometimes it is very thick (usually the winter) and sometimes it is thinner (usually summertime). This has to do with many different things that are beyond our control such as weather, climate, harvests, and where the organic products come from. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Always loved this stuff. Best diaper cream I’ve found.


Been using for a few years now and been our saving grace with diaper rashes! Normally only have to apply once or twice and it is gone! Run don’t walk if you got littles!

Kayla Jones
The Best!!

By far the Best Butt butter ever!! Order multiples because you will be sad if you run out and have to wait!! Must have for babies!!

Shana Gordon

I way prefer this over store bought! For the first time ever my youngest foundry stand desitin so I reached out to Jess and got this it’s the only thing that agrees with him

Stacie Andrade
Until they're all like this

This should be the only way a product for such a delicate area is made. Leave it to HBCOrganics to do better, at something, for those of us know better. We use a Bumco or tongue depressor to apply and refill stackable tiny jars of this and Infinity Balm in the diaper bag.