Cardamom & Mocha Coffee Exfoliation Bar

Cardamom & Mocha Coffee Exfoliation Bar

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Gently exfoliate your skin with our invigorating vanilla coffee bar. Perfect for before shaving your legs, removing dead skin from your back, and for the hands of a fisherman or mechanic.

What is this bar for?

This bar is perfect for all the skin except for the face. While you can use this bar on your face, it can be a bit abrasive. Perfect for cellulite, scaly skin, eczema, calloused skin, and more. This bar is not for the use in your hair.


Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Raw Shea Butter*, Lye/Water Solution, Ground Espresso Beans*, Extracts & Essential Oils.

*indicates organic ingredient.

How to care for your cold process soaps:

-It is best to allow these soaps to dry out in between using.

-Invest in a wooden soap dish, a good soap dish should allow air to flow freely. You don't want water collecting in the soap dish.