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Everyone loves a candle collection, because then you get a candle for each mood you might be going through. As a creator & business owner, I spent a lot of time listening to what my customers said they wanted & most importantly what they felt they needed. What I've seen is a lot of my customers feel out of balance, in need of peace in the chaos of everyday life, and need to find something to help foster self love & forgiveness. After a few months of working with these blends & allowing product testers to try them, not knowing which blend it was, I have finally created the perfect collection for you & your family.

At HBC Organics, we pride ourselves on our custom organic coconut wax that promotes a clean burn. Our scents are made from essential oils & handmade extracts from nature!

Let's take a look at these amazing candles that we are now offering!

My Family Thinks I Baked - This blend is made with our house-made bakery blend of nutmeg, 2 different types of vanilla, cinnamon, almond extract, sugar cane, and lemon, which resembles a bit of cake but also kind of a cookie. Light this baby up as a funny trick, your entire family with think you baked-- but also did you know the smell of baked goods promotes happiness in the brain?

Dreaming of a Massage- Maybe you've been on your feet all day & need a massage.. Maybe you want to relax in the bath.. or maybe your significant other is actually giving you a massage. Light this candle up to get swept away in our special blend of fresh apple, garden picked green herbs (rosemary, mint, and grapefruit mint), fresh blooming flowers, and a touch of an ocean breeze on a cool morning. Close your eyes and you're there.. getting a massage on a small, tropical island!

Let's Be Passionate- Passion- something we all long for right? This sweet blend of peony, red raspberries, wild blackberries, vanilla bean, and tea rose inspires self love, fosters peace & forgiveness just like the properties of the rose quartz.

Let's All Calm TF Down- Formerly known as Calm The Crazy, This is a blend of Lavender, Geranium, Chamomile, Bergamot, Lime, and Sandalwood. This blend fosters a sense of calm when the chaos starts to get ... well a little crazy. This is definitely a candle that all moms and college students.

Align My Damn Chakras- Feeling out of balance? Are you looking for balance? Our new blend, Align My Damn Chakras is a blend made to help you get yourself balanced. Our blend contains. Lavender, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Peppermint, and Patchouli. Each oil is for a specific chakra to promote alignment & help you find your peace. Light this candle during meditation, at night when you're reading before bed, or whenever you feel that you need balance.

The Security Blanket- defined as the mood of coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment. This candle has all of the warm comfy spices and creamy vanilla/coconut to create the secure feeling. Tops notes in this blend: Cardamom, Caramel, Indian Chai Spice with undertones of Coconut, Vanilla, and Cinnamon.

The Minimalist- is defined as light, subtle, and fresh. Imagine walking into the plant lady's home... fresh cut green clover, a pinch of rosemary, and fresh cut aloe vera with a tad bit of vanilla- you can barely smell the vanilla.