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** Herbal Card Pull & Match Read**

** Herbal Card Pull & Match Read**

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As seen on tiktok, Jes pulls from a couple different herbal card decks. When she goes through these cards, she educates you on the herbs themselves, but also talks to you about the emotions associated with them. 

Seen in her tiktok lives, many people have been able to have some profound realizations about the emotions that are keeping them stuck, holding them back, and possibly manifesting into physical issues. Jes does not read Tarot, but she does read the energy of a situation. 


Jessica also offers match reads where you can see the energy between 2 people and some people really enjoy watching them! 


We will email you with a link to your video pull & match read. This link is only shared with you. Please give 24-72 hours for your link to be emailed to you. 


These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended for medical advice. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Always spot on!

Jes is amazing at taking time and explaining what the cards mean for both mini and in-depth pulls. The reads are always spot on and hit me in my feels! My pulls have always been what I need to hear, even if it’s not what I want to hear lol. Couldn’t recommend mini and in depth pulls enough!

Skarlett Lewis
Jes is my person for readings!

I have never paid for readings but hopped on a live one night and was pulled to getting a mini read. If I am feeling pulled towards something, I trust my gut on it. Man, when I tell you I got extremely emotional during the read. It was like she was seeing my soul though she had never met me. Then I got a full read and the same thing happened. Its hard to describe the feeling that washed over me during both reads. Since the first read, I have been pulled to look more into manifesting, and I am feeling more connected with a side of myself I never knew was there. Jes is my person for reads, and I foresee me opening up my energetic field much more as I continue to turn to her for reads. 10/10 recommend, she’s amazing!

Called it!

Spot on and accurate. Tipped me out with her accuracy! 10/10 would buy again!!!

Amazing and accurate!

Jes did an herbal card pull for me on a whim on TT live. As a studying herbalist as well, I was amazed by her intuitive knowledge of the herbs and by how she painted a perfect picture of my current situation. 10/10 recommend!!

Love it

Had a general reading... it was very encouraging, comforting and spot on. You can honestly see it comes for Jess's passion and heart. If she didnt have gift of understanding the cards she could not create her product. Give it a try