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Let That Shit Go Bar

Let That Shit Go Bar

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Ahhh, have you ever known someone who knew the subtle art of not giving a f%&* and just let that shit go?

Maybe you know someone, or maybe that someone is you! So jump in the shower- we don't care who's energy is off-- hop in a steamy shower, lather up, and repeat after me "I am letting go what no longer serves me. What no longer serves me is washing right down the drain with these suds. As the suds rinse  off of my newly cleansed body, I accept the peace which does serve me!"


This bar smells warm, earthy, like a spicy smudge stick. This blend of wild sweet orange and winter sage bundled with smoked cedar and smoldering spices will help you release what no longer serves you!


Ingredients: (all organic)

Saponified oils (extra virgin olive, unrefined babassu, cocoa butter), food based dye (including turmeric), essential oil and botanical extract blend, pure love & acceptance. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Courtney Bono
Not for me

Got this bar as my monthly vip bar for March. Love the concept of this bar but can’t get past the smell. You have to be a fan of spicy scents to like this one.

Jessica Pipes
You can't go wrong with this soap.

This soap has a warm and comforting smell when lathered. This one is a top favorite for me.

Troy Suginaka

Let That Shit Go Bar

Best soap

Would so recommend this soap. Will be purchasing from Jess and her products for good. Have found what I have been looking for.

Fantastic bar

Got this bar as a sample. This is a fantasic smelling bar. Keeps skin soft. I love it.