Sweet Orange & Hibiscus Shampoo Bar

Sweet Orange & Hibiscus Shampoo Bar

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This brand new shampoo bar is available for a limited release! If you love our coconut hibiscus, you'll definitely love our sweet orange and hibiscus! 

Shampoo bars are environmentally friendly, great for your hair (adds some volume), and more! 


*There is a transitional period when switching from liquid to solid shampoo*

Saponified Oils
(Extra Virgin Olive, Avocado, Castor Oil, Unrefined Coconut), Rose Clay, Essential Oils and Extracts 


Proper Care For Cold Process Soaps:

-It is best to allow these soaps to dry out in between using.

-Invest in a wooden soap dish, a good soap dish should allow air to flow freely. You don't want water collecting in the soap dish.

-Email us with any questions you might have! contact@hbcorganics.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Robinson

I love this soap. (And every other I’ve gotten.) worth every cent. They smell amazing and my hair is so much healthier after eliminating chemicals from store bought shampoos.


Sweet Orange & Hibiscus Shampoo Bar

Mary Miller
Beautifully made soap

I am very pleased with the soap. It is beautiful and i can tell a lot of time has gone into making it. It leaves the skin feeling clean and not too greasy. The only thing i have that i was a little disappointed in was there is no scent really. I was expecting it to smell amazing by the looks of it and the sound of the name and it just doesn’t have much of a scent at all. But it’s more about the health for the skin so I’m not that concerned with it. I am still very satisfied and will order again.

Danielle Pilon

Absolutely love how clean my skin feels and the shampoo bar is flipping awesome!!! Cannot wait to order more

K Galgerud
Best shampoo bar I've yet used.

I have been using shampoo bars for years now and this is the best bar. The formulation is perfect on this. My hair is silky and light immediately after use. I use once a week and an organic cowash a couple times during the week. Even the cowash does not get my hair this soft and moisturized - it is very dry in Montana right now.