My Simple Sourdough Recipe

My Simple Sourdough Recipe

Everyone has a different recipe... and after 6 years of making sourdough.. failing.. doing awesome... and struggling to get consistent results... I have found that this is what works for me! I hope it works for you! 


This makes 2 loaves 



250 grams of active starter (fed, rising, bubbling)

760 grams of warm water

100 grams of maple sugar (optional not necessary but I find it makes the dough rise more)

1000 grams of bread flour (sometimes I do 900 grams of bread flour and 100 grams of whole wheat)


So this is simple yet complicated. I mix this all together in a bowl on my counter, cover it with a lid to a pan or towel... walk away for 2 hours. I know that sounds wild but do it. At 2 hours, stretch and fold. Which is basically pulling the dough from the sides of the bowl and pushing them half way into the dough. I do the stretch and fold 5 times... 30 minutes apart. Next I pull it out of the bowl and cut it in half. If I'm adding toppings, I flatten one dough ball out as much as possible with my hands and then add whatever (cheese, cinnamon, chocolate, herbs, etc). Then roll her up (find a video on youtube or tiktok to show the rolling). Let it sit for 20 minutes. 


Preheat the oven to 415 and put your pans in the oven to warm up with the oven. Once preheated... Carefully put the dough balls into the pans (line the pans with parchment). Cover the pans and cook for 35 minutes, then cook with the lid off for 20-25. You can play with how long you want the lid on/off depending on the crunchy crusty goodness you want. 


I have found putting 2-3 ice cubes in with the dough when the lid is on is helpful to have softer bread. 


Hope this helps~ 

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