Private Label & Wholesale !

We DO offer private label and wholesale on some items to help other businesses grow their business! 


Private label- so what is that? Essentially private label is where Jes makes the product for you and you take ownership of the product and put your own label on it. We will not label the product for you. You are responsible for the product once it leaves our shop. This is a great way for someone to start their own business. We recommend you mark the price up by 3-4 times what you paid for the items. Here are some items we offer for private label. Minimums for private label are $300 plus shipping. 

  • Body Oil (choose your scents from unscented, sweet orange & vanilla, lavender, patchouli)
  • Yoni Oil 
  • Bar Soaps 
  • Whipped Body Butter (Large Size only)
  • Baby Wash
  • various other items added here and there like Essential Essences (sprays)


Wholesale- wholesale is where you buy a product from us in bulk and we get it out to you with our labels on it. We do typically have a waitlist for this but please always check and see if we are available for this. Our items are highly sought after for your favorite places like herb & wellness shops, yoga studios, barber shops, boutiques, and more! Minimums for a wholesale order are $250. Here are some items available for wholesale.

  • Seasonal items such as candles, seasonal soaps, and body butters. 
  • Whipped Body Butter
  • Specialty Oils (body, beard, massage, or yoni oil)
  • Yoni Bar
  • Shampoo Bars
  • Most of our bar soaps. 

If you are interested in private label or wholesale- please send us an email: and put "Wholesale" or "Private label" in the subject line! 


You can purchase the most popular bought wholesale items here: click here for wholesale