Our Story

Our story starts like many others, a hobby turned into a craft, and that craft turned into a dream, and that dream became a business! 
In 2012, Thomas and Jessica Kellaway were newlyweds. Jessica had just finished her nutrition degree and Thomas was working towards a career in criminal justice. To say they were broke is a complete understatement. Jessica always suffered from extremely sensitive skin. One day she decided to take a recipe that she had gotten from school to make a batch of hot process soap.
She spent their last $20 on a whim to buy the supplies.
When she finished her soap, she stumbled upon the answer to her skin problems. She sold 9 of her 10 bars she made.. and as time went on she formed a very small business serving the Flint, Michigan area.  You could find Jessica and Thomas at Autumn craft shows trying to sell her soaps, scrubs, and body butters. When Thomas joined the United States Navy, Jessica thought the business would be done for, little did she know that while he spent a year in school she would build the business up even more!
After Thomas finished school, they moved to Norfolk, Virginia where they remained for 5 years, while Thomas spent time in The United States Navy.  ​In 2015, they welcomed their first son, Ezra & in 2017, they welcomed their second son, Bronn.  Both children have been big inspirations for many products such as Baby Butter, Butt Butter, The Sweet DreamZ Collection, and Baby Wash. 
Between 2015 & 2019, Jessica & Thomas had numerous sold out vendor events, including the Chesapeake Jubilee in Chesapeake, Virginia.  In early 2019, they made their way back to Michigan and are now located in the Davison area! Keep your eyes out! You never know where you will see them next!