The Hands Behind HBC Organics

Our story starts like many others, a hobby turned into a craft, and that craft turned into a dream, and that dream became a business! 
Meet Jes, the hands behind HBC Organics.
At the tender age of 20, Jes had a lot of things going on in her life. She was newly engaged, dealing with a health crisis, and finishing nutrition school. At that point in her life, she couldn't really see where her life might lead- all she could see was moment to moment. 
One day she received a marketing email about making soap. She almost deleted it but then saw that it lead to an article talking about the dangers of commercial skincare products for people with sensitive skin. As someone who seemed to deal with tons of different skin issues (eczema, sensitive skin, cystic acne, blackheads to name a few) she found the article intriguing. After further research, she decided to give this soap making thing a try & spent the last $20 her fiancé and her had in their bank account to get the supplies she didn't already have. It was a rather impulsive decision, but turned out to be the best decision she could have made in her life. 
In making one batch of soap, which by the way was Vanilla & Chamomile, she found her acne clear up, itchy skin was gone, and her skin looked smooth and hydrated for the first time in her life. She sold 8 of the 10 bars of soap to family and friends, replaced the $20 she impulsively spent, and bought more supplies to make more. As time went on, she began to make other products such as herbal salves, lotion, body butters, shampoo, and conditioner. 
In 2013, her now husband and her left their life in Michigan behind for Norfolk, Virginia, to follow her husband's career in the United States Navy. Admittedly, she believed that her business was over- but really, the military community was just what she needed to give her business a firm and steady foundation. For 5 years, she continued her education in skincare, created more products, and serviced people all over the country. She even gave birth to two beautiful little boys that would be the inspiration behind her Mama & Baby Line. 
In 2019, Jes' husband's career in the Navy was over and they moved back to Michigan, right back to the area where it all began. She set up shop and began to push her business forward with everything she had. She released new candles, a mineral makeup line, and more. 
In April of 2021, Jes accidentally went viral on TikTok... not once, not twice, but eight times in the span of 6 weeks. This was what she needed to propel her handmade business forward. Now she works day and night making all sorts of skincare products and shipping them all over the United States. She is always eager & happy to chat with her customers! 
In 2022, even more changes came to HBC Organics. Jes and her husband split and filed for divorce- leaving her a single mom to three kiddos and looking for a new place to live and set up shop for HBC. (Don't worry they coparent pretty well considering) When she didn't think she would find the perfect place, a door opened and she found herself right outside of Frankenmuth, Michigan.. where she would love to have a storefront one day. This move brought her to doing more private label products for other small businesses and she began using her gifts to read herb cards for clients and customers to help them see the emotions holding them back in their lives. You will find her at the Frankenmuth Farmer's Market around Christmas time selling candles, soaps, and body butters & she has goals to do the weekend Farmer's Market in Frankenmuth in 2023. Right now you can find her products in Healthy Habitz in Frankenmuth. 
From our founder: "Sometimes change is tough and it brought a lot of changes to the business. With every big change in my life, there was a change to my business. The move to Virginia brought new customers and excitement, the birth of my children birthed many products, the illnesses I had brought new supplements and blends, the move back to Michigan lost a lot of customers, my brother's death brought sadness but new inspiration, the birth of my niece seemed to propel my tiktok to go viral, my divorce brought me more time to focus on my business, and then the recent move brought me to a place where I'm ready to grow and find my footing in this world on my own. Thank you for always supporting me and my dream! I hope to meet you guys face to face in my storefront one day!"
2023 brought more fun and excitement. Jes began doing PR related events with grand opening of different shops across Michigan. Her presence is something that people in the natural and spiritual community value at events. She launched her manifestation boxes- a spiritual based subscription box that teaches people how to manifest or let go of certain things in their life, allow them to do some light and shadow work, become more aware, and generally find some peace in their lives. She has updated some recipes and has begun doing local pop-up events where she sells her soaps and candles in her local area. She also got engaged to the love of her life and does a lot more traveling now! 
Questions? shoot her an email: 
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