True Blue Beauty Bar *as seen on tiktok*

True Blue Beauty Bar *as seen on tiktok*

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The True Blue Beauty Bar is just what you have been waiting for! This bar is great for people of all ages and was formulated to be supportive of the skin all throughout your lifetime! 

**** the price of this bar & batch fluctuates with the price of blue tansy essential oil**** 

True Blue Beauty Bar is made with Blue Tansy essential oil. Blue Tansy is known for the restorative properties to the skin & nerves, it is also known to fight acne, dark spots, dry skin, and even fine lines. It provides nourishment & encourages the skin to start regenerating. 


This bar was formulated without coconut as coconut can be drying or irritating to some. Among our product testers 100% saw improvements in their skin within 30 days of daily use. 


You might notice the cost of this bar is higher, this is because of the blue tansy essential oil and the amount of essential oil we use in the batch to provide the benefits we are hoping for! 


Watch us cut this bar on Tiktok


Disclaimer- if you are having issues with your skin, always contact a health care provider. This is not intended for medical advice or making claims. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Saponified Oils (Olive, Babassau, Raw Shea Butter, Avocado,), Essential Oils


How to care for cold process soap:
-Dry out in between uses
-Store in a slotted soap dish, out of the
water (keep dry when not using)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Denise Goiz
This Bar Cured My Acne.

I was suffering with hard small acne pimples that were under my skin for what feels like months. I had them around my chin and forehead. Once I began using this bar I was shocked on how quickly my acne started to go away. My face now is 97% acne free. I will say that I started to develop eczema on my face after using the bar but I do not know if it was the bar or some other face acne product I used. To be honest I might have been over doing it. I would apply it day and night, 7x a day. I recommend that if your acne heals to cut down usage to maybe 3x a week. Overall I'm so happy my acne is gone and I still use the bar when I break out here and there.

$ Well Spent

I have spent hundreds of dollars on skin face products…… & all I really needed was a $18.95 bar of True Blue Face Soap! Try it for yourself. You’ll see!

Bill Neeley
Nothing else like it

I ordered a box around Christmas and all of the products were incredible. One of the samples i got was a true blue beauty bar. My daughter came to visit for New years after spending time in Arizona where it was really dry and Maryland where the cold and wind did a number on her skin. She is allergic to a lot of products so she was having trouble getting the skin on her face to heal and moisturize. I gave her the sample to try and within 2 days her skin was healed and back to normal. I bought her 2 bars and sent then to her in Texas and she told me that its the best product she has ever used on her face and now she won't use anything else. Thank you Jess for making such thoughtful products that truly are what you say they are. I am a believer because i saw the proof first hand, and i would recommend this product to anyone
Thanks again Jess.

Karen Damon
True blue beauty bar

I'm enjoying this bar alot.

Loretta Fritz

Seriously best face/acne wash I've used!