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Patchouli & Sweet Orange Bar Soap

Patchouli & Sweet Orange Bar Soap

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Earthy patchouli with a subtle undertone of citrus is perfect for men and women alike! 

This bar suds beautifully & gently removes dirt, sweat, and excess oils without leaving your skin dried out! 


Ingredients in this bar:

Saponified Oils (Extra Virgin Olive, Unrefined babassu, cocoa butter, and Avocado), kanolin clay, patchouli & orange essential oils. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amy Ringo
Everything patchouli please


Teresa Cybulski
Soft Skin, Subtle Scent: My Experience with Patchouli & Sweet Orange Soap

I recently tried the sweet orange patchouli soap, and overall, I'm quite pleased with the experience. The soap left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and nourished, which is always a big plus for me. However, I did notice that the scent was a bit on the subtle side. Personally, I prefer my scents to be a tad stronger, so that was a slight disappointment.

That being said, I still found the fragrance pleasant, and it didn't linger too strongly, which could be a plus for some people. Despite my preference for a stronger scent, I would definitely consider purchasing this soap again because of how gentle it was on my skin.

Overall, it's a great option for anyone looking for a gentle, moisturizing soap with a


Just enough orange for the perfect fragrance

Laine Fried
Fresh and energized

Bar is easy on your skin. Fresh and energized smell. Highly recommended

Alysia Rose
Patchouli & Sweet Orange Bar

I just love this bar!