Strawberry Lemonade Bar

Strawberry Lemonade Bar

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Strawberry lemonade is a staple during the hot Summer months— why not make a bar that reminds us of our favorite time of the year?

What's even more fun? We went VIRAL very unexpectedly on tiktok when we posted a video of our founder cutting this bar. View the video here. 

This palm-free & fun bar is made with real strawberries, strawberry extract, and lemon essential oil. We ground freeze dried strawberries to a fine powder & a little bit of rose clay to give you a gentle exfoliation and a pop of that beautiful pink strawberry color. 

We do have this available to buy in bulk, the wait time is 4-6 weeks from purchase. Bulk batch is 15 bars. 


saponified oils & butters (extra virgin olive, unrefined coconut, avocado, mango seed butter), freeze dried strawberries, rose clay, lemon essential oil, extract. 

Photo is for reference ONLY. All batches look a little different due to it being a natural bar. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Looks good

Scent absolutely wonderful. Couldn’t wait to use it. Scent did not linger like other products.

Love it

Smell, oils and the fact they use real strawberries... whats not to love? Cant wait to try the others but might be a while as this bar is lasting a while (when kept as directed)

Alison Ross
Smells amazing

Love love love!

Katie T.
Great summer soap

I keep this at my kitchen sink so guests can use it and smell how delicious it is. It’s truly a strawberry lemonade smell but it’s not strong and overwhelming. It’s subtle but you can still smell it and it cleans beautifully!

Serina Taylor

Strawberry Lemonade Bar *Preorder available ships May 20*