Collection: Shop Our Spring Collection 2024!

We launch our Spring Collection on March 8th, 2024! Here is a list of the scents you'll see and what else you can expect. 

-Basil Sage + Mint: An herbal delight of basil and sage with nuances of lemon, peppermint, patchouli and cedarwood.

-Bamboo + Sugar Cane: blend of lime and lemongrass with warm musk and vanilla

-Spring Equinox: An enveloping blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk.

-Wild Honeysuckle: A soft and delicate floral - reminiscent of a field of sweet, blooming honeysuckles.

-Lemon + Spearmint: A beautiful and invigorating blend of sparkling citrus with some sweet minty notes from spearmint. 

-Vanilla + Rose- If you're not a huge fan of rose, this is the scent for you! Still delicate and gentle with bergamot, dewy rose and transparent amber and a little sweetness there too!

-Lavender + Lemongrass- with the top notes of soothing amber and invigorating lemongrass this is always a popular scent. 

-Goddess- Amber notes meet sandalwood for a romantic and gentle scent. 

-Jasmine + Vanilla- Beautifully garnished silk white jasmine petals. This engaging rose fragrance comes to full bloom with creamy vanilla and classic rose.

-Magnolia + Berry- Ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, magnolia, melon and sugar crystals.

-Cedar + Patchouli- Earthy Patchouli are the top notes with a gentle cedar musk.

-Irish Cream- warm embrace of oatmeal, creamy buttery notes, and a dash of chocolate decadence.