Schedules & Restocks

Everyone is always wondering when Jes plans to go live and when the next restock will be! As 2023 has continued there have been major shifting and changes to Jes' life! She is newly engaged and spending more time with her fiance, traveling, and spending time as a family... trying to find that work/life balance is always hard for a small, handmade business. 


We will update this periodically and this is obviously subject to change, however this is a good thing to go by! 


TikTok Live (always check Instagram for updates

    • Monday: Potential to go live during the day around 1-3 pm EST.
    • Tuesday: Day off from live. 
    • Wednesday: Mid-afternoon live 2-5:30ish pm EST
    • Thursday: Card Pull & Match read night 9pm-? est *unless it is high volume time, then readings might take a backseat. If you really want a reading, please contact for a private reading. 
    • Friday: Restock night live 8:30/9pm EST to?
    • Saturday: some weeks we won't go live, other weeks from 9-11pm est. this is the wild card day, you might see Jes on during the day more. 
    • Sunday: TikTok Live Subscriber Sunday. usually about 7pm Est.

Restock & New Product Schedule:

  • Beaird Homestead Apothecary items begin being stocked 9/22/23... there will be new items monthly. This is a creative & fun side. Please enjoy coming along our journey to homesteading our land with us! 
  • 9/22/23- Hello Autumn, Pumpkin Marshmallow, Vanilla Espresso, White Pumpkin candles restocked. New Blood Moon Black Candle stocked. 
  • 9/22/23- Autumn Hand Washing Soap restocked
  • 9/22/23- New Simmer Pot Packs available
  • 9/22/23- Elderberry Syrup Kits available for preorder again! 
  • 10/13/23- SkinEeze restock