Schedules & Restocks

Everyone is always wondering when Jes plans to go live and when the next restock will be! 

We will update this periodically and this is obviously subject to change, however this is a good thing to go by! 


TikTok Live (always check Instagram for updates)

  • Monday- Soap Making & catching up from the weekend (1-2 batches)
  • Tuesday- not scheduled to go live (possibly mid afternoon soap cutting live) 
  • Wednesday- Soap Making, Other Product Making, and Labeling. Usually 2 lives this day
  • Thursday- Herbal Card Pull Night (possible duel readings with other readers)
  • Friday- Something fun! This night is for whatever Jes has planned
  • Saturday- Soap Making and labeling (relaxed night)
  • Sunday- Not scheduled to go live. 


Restock Schedule:

  • January 13 8:30pm EST - stocking the rest of the love collection (Ylang Ylang & Hibiscus Soothing Bar, Pomegranate/Citrus, Hey Bay Bay), Orange Creme, and Lavender/Black Amber Bars. Moon Boxes (limited supply) and Manifestation boxes will be available for ordering. Other items that may be back in stock (this all depends upon when labels arrive to us): Essential Essences, Body Butters, and True Blue Facial Wash. 
  • January 27 8:30pm EST- restocking and adding in some new Valhallan Dreamer items & new crystal bath bombs.
  • First week of February 2nd between 8&9 pm-- Joint Live with Justin Divine doing a counterpart collection with HBC After Dark & Tarot After Dark collection. Fun prizes, giveaways, and more. 
  • March 1st 12:00pm EST- Spring Launch & LV Collection! New Spring Bars & candles- some bars will be olive oil, LV Collection will be available (profits go to Layla's saving's account).