Collection: Connor +LV Collection

Every year around Saint Patrick's Day, we launch the Connor + LV Collection. Connor is my late brother who passed away in a sudden car accident. This was a fluke incident and left our family devastated. 

My brother left behind a little girl, Layla, who he had yet to meet, his girlfriend was pregnant when he passed. In a series of events shortly after Layla's birth, she ended up with me full time & I have been raising her as my own. 

The Connor + LV collection is in memory of my brother with some other great scents that let you get some of LV's personality too. All profits from this limited collection go to her savings account to help cover legal costs and to also offer her an inheritance when she is older. My brother had nothing to leave behind for her. 

Due to the profits going to her, we do not accept coupons outside of the VIP shipping on this collection. 


Scent explanations:

-Connor's Birthday Cake- smells like 7up cake. Delicious undertones of sweet vanilla with sparkling citrus. 

-LV- smells delicate and gentle with pansy bottom and vanilla. 

-I Can't Not Want To- (one of LV's favorite sayings)- smells like amber, almond, with sparkling festive notes. 

-Cheer's To Connor- Smells like cognac.