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Lavender & Lemongrass Bar

Lavender & Lemongrass Bar

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Calming lavender and pungent lemongrass come together for a classic combination!


Our soaps are made without coconut oils to be combat allergies. Some people are allergic to coconut (more common than you think) and I decided I wanted to be inclusive with my soaps by 2023. We use babassu oil in place of coconut oil. It is ultra moisturizing, lathers much more than coconut oil, and makes the bar last a little bit longer. However, babassu oil in double the price of coconut oil, so this is reflected in our bars. 

Ingredients: Organic Saponified Oils (Extra Virgin Olive, Babassu, Cocoa Butter, root based dye, Essential Oils/Botanical Extracts


How to care for a bar of soap:

-allow the bar to dry out in between uses 

-allow the bar to sit in a dry space, out of the water

-store in a slotted soap dish 

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Customer Reviews

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The Lavender and lemongrass bars are amazing ❤️


Smells amazing