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Goddess Divine Body Bar

Goddess Divine Body Bar

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The Goddess Divine Body Bar. Use it from head to toe to leave your skin feeling silky soft, awaken your mind, and boldly, yet humbly step into your feminine energy.

The blend combines clove, cinnamon, white pepper, light & dark ambers, sandalwood, jasmine, rosey musk, and vanilla.


This blend is meant to stimulate and awaken the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. 

Goddess Divine is the woman who is humbly, but boldly stepping into her power, her essence, and who she is as a woman. She is healing and drawing what she wants and needs to her instead of going out, fighting, and chasing after what she wants. She knows her worth and stands in who she is with gentleness. She is warm and loving. She is the one you come to when you need the comfort and her arms are home. She is learning the art of allowing her heart chakra to be open- even if there is some fear of being hurt. Holding strong and allowing her solar plexus to show the ever essence of her being, her power, and her gifts. This blend is also for opening the throat chakra and learning to use her voice without conflict. 

ingredients: saponified oils of (extra virgin olive, cocoa butter, babassu), essential oils, extracts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

I keep them stocked at home...leaves your skin so soft and smelling soo good!


I love this soap but not as much as my person does. I had to get extra because mine kept disappearing. Love the scent the lather is amazing and it makes my skin feel extra soft.


The Goddess Divine bar is a must have❤️

The most beautiful scent

This scent is absolutely amazing! It lingers on your skin all day, and I cannot describe the sense of confidence it brings to me. Genuinely connects me to my goddess energy!


Lathers up very nicely!