Patchouli & Oat Exfoliation Bar

Patchouli & Oat Exfoliation Bar

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I've been asked many times "Do you make a soap that smells like the essential oil that hippies smell like?" It always makes me chuckle to myself, patchouli is a staple in the natural soap & essential oil blending life over here! 


This bar is straight up patchouli with oats added in for their skin soothing and exfoliation properties. Maybe you want a soap that is great for eczema or sensitive skin-- but you want it to smell good too! 


This bar smells especially manly to me & will lather beautifully for washing beards!


Ingredients: Organic saponified oils of (extra virgin olive, unrefined coconut, castor, avocado), kanolin, gluten free sprouted oats, patchouli essential oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hannah Lewis
My skin is so soft! 😍

I love this soap! Usually exfoliating bars "cut" my skin up but this one leaves my skin so soft and is delicate. Love it!

Laine Fried
Love the smell and exfoliating feel

This bar has a great smell and gentle exfoliation is great for the skin

Michelle Blair

I love this soap... the smell, the exfoliation and the texture.... Jes works magic with blending the oils and I have yet to find a bar I haven't liked yet.

Amy Ringo
Best in class

I’m a love of all things patchouli, this makes my skin come alive. I’ll order more for sure. Thank you so much Jess. Investing in good and best ingredients doesn’t happen much. You do that!

Great soap bar

Love this bar of soap. Everyone has to try this.