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This is only for VIP Members. Please do not subscribe unless you are an active VIP member

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Diana Shafer
Love All the Soaps!! They leave my skin so soft and moisturized

I absolutely love all the soaps I have gotten since I became a VIP member. My only complaint is my Hubby keeps stealing all my soaps but i get free shipping and 10% off my orders so I am able to order more 🥰

Colette Sikorski cocobeanie716
Simply the best!

I have ordered soap from many small businesses. But HBC is by far the best. Long lasting, and just wonderful! ♡

Jeff Parker
VIP Membership

Just got my VIP Membership late last year and love getting a different soap every month. Also the benefit of free shipping on other orders makes the Membership worth it. Thanks to Jes for doing this as it's well worth the price!

Kristin Thompson
Lifelong customer <3

I have had a VIP membership for a few years now and will never be without it! The soap every month, on top of the discount, is just an extra surprise we get in the mail every month…my four boys seriously argue over who’s turn it is to open the “smell good envelope”!

Brittney Hamilton
Great way to try new scents!

Love the monthly soap option. Allows me to try new scents and gives me something each month to look forward to from HBC as all the products are amazing.